3. Create affordable housing that meets the community’s needs

The original Atlantic Yards plan claimed it would create 2,250 units of "affordable" housing, much of which wouldn't be affordable to average Brooklynities. One third of the affordable housing would go to those earning more than $70,000 per year – far higher than the $35,000 the average Brooklynite earns.

The modified Atlantic Yards plan defers the creation of the vast majority of its affordable housing indefinitely. Only 300 affordable units are promised to be built in the first phase of the development--and many of these units will still be priced higher than the average Brooklynite's income level can afford. Further, the provision of these and the remaining affordable units promised by the developer is contingent on the availability of public subsidies (which are today in very short supply), as well as dependent upon market conditions that will support the larger quantity of market-rate housing planned for the site.

In the meantime, the developer's clearing of the project footprint has caused the loss of nearly 400 units of affordable housing.

To work for Brooklyn, the BrooklynSpeaks sponsors believe the plan must

  • Calculate affordable housing according to Brooklyn Area Median Incomes (AMI), not the much higher regional AMI.
  • Require two-thirds of the promised affordable units to be completed within ten years of project start.
  • Prioritize low- and moderate-income families who were displaced from the Atlantic Yards footprint for new affordable units.