In 2003, Brooklyn was promised affordable housing, open space and jobs. How much longer should we have to wait?

For the last eighteen years, developers at Atlantic Yards (Pacific Park) have taken outsized risks, knowing they’d be bailed out by the State of New York if things didn’t work out–and they have been, time and again.

Promised public benefits like affordable housing have been pushed far into the future, or have disappeared entirely.

Traffic and construction impacts have made life unbearable in neighborhoods surrounding the project. Meanwhile, rising housing costs continue to displace community members.

It's now clear developers can’t meet the project’s affordable housing deadline, but still want new rights that would allow the construction of one of the tallest buildings in Brooklyn–rights they’d then be allowed to sell to the highest bidder.

This must not be the way forward for a multi-billion dollar State-run project at the crossroads of Brooklyn that our communities will have to live with for generations to come.

It’s time we made a real plan.

Join us for a community discussion about the state of the Atlantic Yards project, what kind of future Brooklynites envision for the area, and how we can hold the State and the developers accountable. 

All sessions are online and begin at 7PM. You can also participate on your own schedule through an interactive web site.