2. Include a transportation plan that works

The intersection of Flatbush Avenue and Atlantic Avenue has long been considered one of the most dangerous in Brooklyn, and traffic there has only become more congested during the COVID-19 pandemic. New development at this location must be required to contribute to solutions to issues that threaten pedestrian and cyclist safety every day, and clog local streets with cars parking and idling illegally. Likewise, leveraging transit-rich sites to increase commercial and residential density also carries an obligation to maintain the service level of existing subway and bus lines.

  • The developers and NYC Transit should alleviate sidewalk overcrowding at the existing entrances to the Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center subway station by
    • creating an entrance on Flatbush Avenue to be located within a new building constructed on Site 5;
    • relocating the entrance at Fourth Avenue and Pacific Street to within a new building constructed on Site 5; and
    • creating a new entrance at Fourth Avenue and Dean Street, including an accessible entrance with an elevator.
  • NYC Transit should add incremental subway capacity by
    • studying speed limit increases on the subway lines servicing the Atlantic Avenue station, and
    • providing for full-time operation of the B train.
  • NYC DOT should construct shelters at each bus stop on the arena block, Times Plaza, and any stops added on the block bounded by Pacific Street, Flatbush Avenue, Atlantic Avenue and Fourth Avenue (Site 5). Shelters should include bus countdown timers.
  • The City, the State and the developers must agree on a plan to move NYPD and FDNY personal parking off of the streets and sidewalks on Sixth Avenue, Pacific Street, Dean Street and Bergen Street, and repair existing damage.
  • The State must approve a residential permit parking system within a five-block radius of the arena for implementation by NYC DOT.
  • Site 5 must include pick-up and drop-off within the lot lines of its development, including internal loading docks and bays.
  • NYC DOT must implement a design for Flatbush Avenue between Pacific Street and Fifth Avenue that addresses contention for the curb and sidewalk from takeout and delivery operations on the west side of the street.