Governance reform

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BrooklynSpeaks' advocacy for meaningful public involvement in Atlantic Yards decision-making.

Legislation introduced to reform Atlantic Yards governance

A coalition of Brooklyn elected officials and civic groups today gathered on the steps of City Hall in Manhattan on June 16, 2008 to launch the “Campaign to Reform Atlantic Yards,” an initiative to pass new legislation that would reform the governance of the Atlantic Yards project.

The Campaign was launched in response to the continued lack of accountability, transparency and public involvement in the governance of the Atlantic Yards project. Modeled on the Hudson River Trust Act of 1998, the Atlantic Yards Governance Act (A09012) would address this by creating the “Atlantic Yards Development Trust” to oversee the project with a board of state and city appointed officials. The legislation also would create a “Stakeholders Council” comprised of local residents appointed by local elected officials that would advise the Trust and provide an opportunity for meaningful impact.

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