"I forgot we're talking about Atlantic Yards..."

With governance reform legislation passing the Assembly, and a State Supreme Court judge ordering ESDC to reconsider the 2009 Atlantic Yards plan, it's been a big year for Atlantic Yards. If you missed the news, catch up with these two Atlantic Yards observers.

(Part 1 of the series is available here.)

Ratner: Affordable housing won’t work for Atlantic Yards

The latest bombshell to drop at the Atlantic Yards project came yesterday with the release of renderings of its first planned residential tower. As reported today by the Wall Street Journal,

    Mr. Ratner said Thursday that the existing incentives for developments where half the units are priced for middle- and low-income tenants "don't work for a high-rise building that's union built."

    He added that he had "accepted the fact that we're not going to get more subsidy."

City Council committee approves request to State legislature for residential parking permits in New York City

On Wednesday, November 2, the New York City Council Committee on Federal and State Legislation passed a resolution for a “home rule message” to the New York State legislature for passage of bills S2325 and A4266 authorizing New York City to implement residential parking permits (RPP) in the five boroughs. RPP would give the City a powerful tool to reduce demand by Barclays Center patrons for local streets.

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