New York State Liquor Authority votes to cut off Barclays Center liquor sales at 1:00 AM

BROOKLYN, August 29, 2012: Today, the Board of the New York State Liquor Authority voted to impose a 1:00 AM cut off of liquor sales at the Barclays Center arena. Forest City Ratner Companies and Levy Premium Foodservice had applied for a license with a request to be allowed to serve liquor until 2:00 AM. In stipulating the earlier cut off, SLA Chairman Denis Rosen acknowledged concerns from local residents that late night drinking at the arena would negatively impact quality of life in the mostly residential neighborhoods surrounding Barclays Center, and that the potential of the arena being used for private events could result in more late night drinking than has been described by Barclays Center. The decision by the SLA gives the Barclays Center applicants the ability to request a later cut off time in the future after experience with arena patron drinking has been established. Chairman Rosen made clear that such a future application by Barclays Center should be accompanied by community support.

The liquor policy for the arena has been a subject of intense community concern and heated discussion in public meetings since Barclays Center’s application for a license was filed in April. As of this date, nearly 1,400 residents have signed an online petition calling for a 10:00 PM cut off for liquor sales. An early cut off time for liquor sales is also a part of the Neighborhood Protection Plan put forward by local elected officials and community groups in preparation for the arena opening in September.

“Although we continue to believe that an earlier cut off time is appropriate for the residential neighborhoods where Barclays Center is located, the SLA’s consideration of local impacts in requiring sales to end at 1:00 AM is a positive step in the process,” said Michael Cairl, President of the Park Slope Civic Council.

Gib Veconi, Treasurer of the Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council, said, “We will be monitoring closely arena patron behavior after events. We look forward to working with arena management to ensure neighborhood quality of life, as well as informing the SLA’s continued regulation of liquor sales at Barclays Center.”